Question: How does the pen operate and change modes (ie: video recording or audio only...).
This operation is easy and discrete and can be controlled by depressing the recessed button on the top of the pen.
Question: How many pictures can the spy pen hold?
Well over 1000 pictures.
Question: How much audio-only-recording can the memory hold?
The pen will hold approximately 32 hours of audio-only-recording.
Question: How does the spy pen take to charge?
Approximately 1.5 hours connected to the AC adapter or through USB.
Question: How much space is on the spy pen?
The spy pen has 2GB of internal memory on it and can be expanded with a micro SD card if needed.
Question: How do I use the spy pen?
This new spy pen has four different modes.
  • Video with audio
  • Audio Only
  • Snap Picture
  • Motion Activated Surveillance Camera
Question: How long can I expect a fully charged pen to last?
Approximately 90-100 minutes.
Question: What happens if the pen powers down before I am able to save my recordings?
The files will automatically be compressed and saved.
Question: If I only take pictures or record audio will this increase the battery life of the pen?
No, pictures and audio-only-recordings will use significantly less memory but the power consumed is the same.
Question: What drivers or software do I need to install on my computer to use the spy pen?
None as long as you are using Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS 8.6 or higher
Question: How do I retreive recordings from the pen?
When the unit is connected to your computer you can delete the files from the pen the same as you would your computer.
Question: While in the motion activated mode, how far will the spy pen be able to detect motion?
The unit detects motion up to 20-30 feet away.
Question: What happens if the subject being recorded leaves the field of view?
Once the subject leaves the field of view, the spy pen will close the video out in approximately 10 seconds. The video is then saved to the camera's memory and the unit will then go in to stand-by-mode to wait for another subject to enter the field of view.
Question: How are videos and pictures retrieved from the camera to my computer?
The spy pen camera is just like any digital camera, you just need to connect it to your computer via the USB cable and once it is recognized you can save the files to your computer.
Question: Does the pen write?
Question: Can I use the pen camera in the manual mode to take video, pictures or audio while it is connected to the computer
NO! You should ONLY connect the pen to your computer to charge the unit or download data. Never press the on/off button to activate an action while the pen is connected to your computer as this will cause damage to the unit and could render it inoperable forever.
Question: When using the spy pen as a motion activated surveillance camera, how long will the camera maintain power while waiting in standby mode?
Repeated tests in our office show that a fully charged spy pen maintains power up to 112 minutes.
Question: Is there any way for the spy pen to maintain power indefinitely while in motion activation mode - in case nothing happens for hours or days?
Yes - The unit comes with an AC charger which you can connect to the pen while it is in the stand-by-mode.