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Hidden Home Security Cameras

Hidden Home Security Cameras

If your looking to purchase hidden home security cameras, it's critical you choose one that works well for your home.

You should begin by asking yourself: What exactly is my primary concern?

The Motion Magic camera - Motion Detector Disguised Camera
Motion Magic Covert Camera
If you are more concerned about the outside of your home then you probably don't need a covert camera whereas if you are more concerned more about the contents inside your home you probably do.

Two primary factors to look at when purchasing a home security camera are:
  1. Covertability
  2. Wireless/Wired
1. Covertability - If you plan on catching the thief (rather than avoiding it) this is most imporant.
If thief's know there is spy gear around they will do all they can to avoid it.

2. Wireless/Wired - Its always preferred to have a wireless camera, but at what cost does this come?

Most wireless cameras broadcast at a standard 1.4Ghz which unfortunately can be viewed by all your neighbors.

We generally recommend covert cameras which contain an sd card as this eliminates the security issue.

The Covert Guardian camera - Air Freshener Disguised Camera
Covert Guardian
Air Freshener Disguised Camera

We have the most reliable spy pen camera available on the market today. With 8 GB of memory you surely can't beat it. If that spy pen doesn't satisfy you though then you can always try one of our other hidden cameras.

We have a lot of other high quality spy gear that is just reliable. For example you could always try out our new spy sunglasses. If that isn't the type of thing you are looking for though don't worry. We still have more.

Surveillance cameras provide security for you and your family that is why we have the best hidden home security cameras available.

If your going to protect your family you need to do it properly. We can help with out top of the link surveillance equipment and hidden home security cameras.

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Hidden home security cameras can help you identify and capture people doing illegal activities. From people breaking in to your office our house these hidden spy cameras are amazing at putting criminals behind bars. intruders don't notice them making your