Keyless Entry Disguised Hidden Camera

Exclusive Model with Date and Time Stamping

• 8 GB flash memory
• New Sony wide angle 3.6mm cmos lens with ClearVid cmos chip
• High resolution at 640 x 480
• Real time recording at 30 frames per second
• Snap Picture resolution of 1280x960
• Records video and audio
• Omni Directional Microphone
• Load videos to your PC with included USB Cable

The Cam Stick - The smallest video/audio recorder with the highest resolution!

Keyless Entry Hidden Camera
Includes the following:
• Keyless Entry Disguised Car Key DVR
• USB Cord for recharging and transferring video/photos
• User manual
• Gift Box

Beware of the cheap knock off camera below
Knock Off
The product we sell is a patented product.
The one shown here is cheap knock off with very poor quality.
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Please note that the actual recording is larger than the one shown here.

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